Day Sixty Two. Saturday.

Joy Orbison in Brixton for Olis 23rd.

Day Sixty One. Friday.

Horrific vinyl designs created in one horrific morning for one
horrific crit. And getting to Camberwell at 2am to find Oli
dancing on the Funky Munky bar singing 'happy birthday to me'.

Day Sixty. Thursday.

When I Grow Up... 24 Hour Drawing from dan woodger on Vimeo.

Exhibition Private View.

Day Fifty Nine. Wednesday.

Day Fifty Eight. Tuesday.

Day Fifty Seven. Week Nine. Monday

Cutting out Vinyls for the Exhibition with Matt Wingfield at 1am.

Day Fifty Six. Sunday.

Shared a box with Dave Walder and Riki Flutey for Bath vs Wasps!
Then late night Risographing the zine with Elliott.

Day Fifty Five. Saturday.

Woke up to a large hotel room bill and Bristol City vs Leeds.

Day Fifty Four. Friday.

Went to Leeds for the night with some
parents and saw some friends.

Day Fifty Three. Thursday.

Today i took crap photos of Joe on a broken camera.

Day Fifty Two. Wednesday.

We collected everyones entries for 'when i grow up' today

Day Fifty One. Tuesday.

We went to watch WWE Raw at the O2 arena.
It was very, very, very funny.

Day Fifty. Week Eight. Monday.

I found the cable to a very old camera and came across
all these unseen photos of Falmouth and Amsterdam.

Day Fourty Nine. Sunday.

Warming up for Tuesdays Wrestling.

Day Fourty Eight. Saturday

Day Fourty Seven. Friday.

Gary Numan and Fireworks night in Lewes.

Day Fourty Six. Thursday.

A group of six of us conducted at drawing class at
St.Lukes Primary School today, asking the pupils to
visualize what they want to be when they grow up.

Day Fourty Five. Wednesday.

This day was spent painting things white.

Day Fourty Four. Tuesday.

Gareth Chicott "hallmark of a villain"
The first of many words of wisdom.

Day Fourty Three. Week Seven. Monday.

Submission for our 'When i Grow Up..' exhibition.

Day Fourty Two. Sunday.

Back to Brighton for Halloween.

Day Fourty One. Saturday.

The view from me Kitchen and a walk with Mumsie through Bath.

Day Fourty. Friday.

Like Grandfather/ Like Grandson. Two Charlies, two busted shoulders.

Day Thirty Nine. Thursday.

First Day of filming for Captain America.

Day Thirty Eight. Wednesday.

Day Thirty Seven. Tuesday.

North India from Charlie Sheppard on Vimeo.

I got a Vimeo account today, this is a video i made this summer.

Day Thirty Six. Week Six. Monday

Late night New Project idea at Hewitt's

Day Thirty Five. Sunday.

Day Thirty Four. Saturday.

Walk with Pat and Lyver near Sussex Campus.

Dat Thirty Three. Friday.

Fathers Birthday card in Letterpress and more shoulder X-Rays.

Day Thirty two. Thursday.

Today i went to Wales for 25 minutes (from Brighton!)
For a costume fitting to be a Prisoner of War in the
latest Marvel Comic movie Captain America.

Day Thirty One. Wednesday.

I got the last of my India disposabled developed today.